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We are a family owned business that provides busy families and individuals with simple solutions to a healthier life. I, Michale Hartte am the “clinical nutritionist with a big heart”. I create the personalized nutritional plans, write articles, develop new recipes and educate on nutrient-rich foods, meal planning ideas and healthy living. Rheece Hartte, my husband, is the “magic man behinds the scenes”. He finds creative ways to bring people to the site, writes and educates on how to create what you want by changing your mindset. Our two sons, Trisston (age 9) and Trae (age 5) a.k.a “T & T – the dynamite duo” help create the quick, fast, ‘child friendly’ snacks and meals found in the book and on this website. Together, as a team, our mission is to show people what a healthy diet, supplement and lifestyle is and how to get there.

What we do?

For families and individuals: From entry level to advanced programs, we offer proven-to-be effective, sound nutritional plans. Each plan incorporates my ‘how to get healthy’ book, The Fit n Healthy Plan, The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy! This book provides the foundational diet and lifestyle principals that can be easily followed in today’s busy, modern life. For a more individualized program, adjustments to certain foods and food combinations are found in my special report after the initial, on-line, in depth health assessment is made. Supplement and lifestyle recommendations are also included as they are also an important part of getting healthy. For those that are interested in detox or have specific health condition, we have an advanced program. The advanced version integrates a detoxification component to the personalized nutrition plan.

Biotherapeutic Drainage TM is the type of detoxification technique that I use. We know our world is full of toxins and chemicals. From our chemically laden foods to our indoor/outdoor environmental pollutants, it has been reported that every living person, no matter where they live, stores a min. of 250 different chemicals in their tissues. Knowing this, it is no surprise that we are seeing rates of digestive challenges, chronic lower respiratory diseases, immune and inflammatory problems, obesity, birth defects, developmental disorders and even cancer increasing (US Mortality Data, 2007).

Diet is not enough! Now more than ever, we are realizing that in order to return the body to a state of health, eating organic with a well balanced diet is not enough! We need to remove the accumulation of toxins to allow the body to function normally again.

Biotherapeutic Drainage TM is a safe, highly effective form of intercellular detoxification that uses a combination of homeopathics, plant botanicals, oligo-elements and cell salts. It is based on the integrated principles and theories of anthroposophy, oligotherapy, botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy.

It is great for children and pregnant moms too!

Our clients can start immediately, at their own pace, and in the convenience of their own home or work place.

All plans are offered on-line and can be adapted for the whole family. We specialize in weight loss, specific health conditions and children’s health.

For all health care professionals (chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, nutritionists, etc): My book is also available for wholesale orders. Please contact info@fitnhealthynutrition.com for more info.

Why choose us?

Real truth, Real simple, Real food, Real life. That about sums it up!

We give you the REAL truth, not some marketing hype! The recommendations are REAL simple, ending the confusion! Our nutrient-rich recipes use REAL foods found in your own kitchen, not pre packaged (what does that really teach you anyway?). This is REAL life!

Simple secrets – that work, learn them here!

We recommend the healthy diet of our ancestors, now backed by modern day science, which, most importantly, is designed in a way that can be followed in today’s busy lifestyle.

Convenient, saves time and affordable. We give results!

Our plans are convenient (done in the comfort of your own home), save time (you pick what works for you) and affordable (fits any budget)! We get hundreds of happy clients, see our Testimonials for some of them.

We keep you accountable.

Lets face it, most of us know some of the ways to get healthier, yet we still either ‘fall off’ or worse, ‘put off’ our nutrition plan! Knowing what to do is one thing, DOING it is another! We are here to help with support tools such as charts and tips to keep you getting results and motivated along the way!

We “walk the talk”.

You will soon see, as we video our ways of eating and living, how easy it can be!

We are doctor recommended.

Medical doctors, alternative doctors, doctors of chiropractic all recommend Michale Hartte BASc (Nutr), NNCP.

We have the experience.

Both Rheece and I also have the personal and practical experience. Not only have we had the experience of raising our two young children, I personally have reversed her Osteoporosis and Rheece literally looks and feels ten years younger! When it comes to our two children, Trisston is 9.5 yrs and has only seen a medical doctor, 8 years ago for a diagnosed ear infection to which I cleared up using natural remedies. He has never seen a MD since and is full of energy and health. Trae, age 5.5 yrs has never seen a medical doctor for any health reasons, ever! He has never been on medication and is a very healthy, happy, fun-loving kid!

Our support team is bar none!

Have a health related question? No problem, simply email it and someone will get back to you within a 24 hr. period! It is like having your own personal health team!

We back all of our products and services with a 100% money back guarantee!

If at anytime you are dissatisfied with any of our products or services, no problem. Your money is fully refunded.

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